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Zuia club de golf
  • Alava
  • Spain
  • 9 holes
  • Official courses:1
  • Federation number:VB07
  • Year:1990
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Zuia Golf Club 9 Holes. The course is located at the foot of the Gorbea, in the valleys of Urkabustaiz and Zuia. The surroundings are incredibly beautiful.

It has 9 holes and is completely flat. The course is 5,606 metres long and covers an area of 17 hectares, surrounded by woods of oaks, pines and beech trees, and there are several natural lakes which make the game a bit more difficult. To sum up, it has everything you need to enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Zona deportiva de Altube - PC 1139 Altube, Alava, The Basque Country, Spain
Phone 945430922
Fax 945430918

Situado en Altube (Álava), Autovía Vitoria-Altube, salida 22, dentro del Parque Natural del Gorbea, a 23 km. de Vitoria y a 35 Km. de Bilbao.