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Valdorros club de golf
  • Burgos
  • Spain
  • Official courses:0
  • Federation number:7720
  • Year:2002
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Valdorros Golf Club 18 Holes. The course has been built in two phases of 9-hole each one.

The first phase was built over an undulated and rather clear land that allows a pleasant and quick game. For the second phase, some clearing had to be made because the land was rather abrupt. As a result, this last design is more difficult and uncomfortable because of the trees and the narrowness of the lanes. The great slopes in some holes give more drama to the game and extra work to your legs.

Ctra. Nacional 1 Madrid-Burgos km. 220. Salida 219 - PC 09320 Valdorros, Burgos, Castilla León, Spain
Phone 947560946
Fax 947264904

Ubicado a tan sólo 20 km. de Burgos, en la localidad de Valdorros. De muy fácil y cómodo acceso por la Autovía Madrid-Burgos, km. 220. Salida 219. El Campo se encuentra en la Urbanización EL ENEBRAL - VALDORROS (Burgos), una vez que se ha cruzado el pueblo.