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Campo Municipal de Golf La Lagunilla - El Bonillo
  • Albacete
  • Spain
  • 9 holes
  • Official courses:1
  • Federation number:8803
  • Year:1988
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The "El Bonillo" golf course with 9 Holes is situated at Km 2 on the Ossa de Montiel road in the municipality of El Bonillo in the province of Albacete.

It is a semi-rustic golf course with mown greens and fairways and it belongs to the local council, which makes it a public course, perhaps the first of its kind in Castilla-La Mancha. It consists of a 9-hole round laid out as shown in the illustration. It is situated in a spot known as Pozo Pinos in an area surrounded by pines which provide a pleasant sensation of tranquillity highly appropriate to the sport of golf. Over the last few years a great effort has been made to endow the course with the best conditions for playing golf, including the recent installation of fully equipped changing rooms inside the course itself. Currently, a practice course is being built and the possibility of installing a watering system is being studied, with the aim of improving the quality of the course while respecting the surroundings and without wasting existing resources.

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Plaza Mayor,1 - PC 2610 El Bonillo, Albacete, Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Phone 967370670
Fax 967370670

Carretera El Bonillo a Ossa de Montiel, km. 2